NYC : Greenwich Village & Downtown

April 19, 2013

Claire's Ride

Finally, a girl on a bicycle! This one happens to be Claire.

We never actually got around to taking the bikes out because the weather was so abominable while we were visiting. We ended up walking and taking the subway everywhere.

Claire rode to meet us in the village after she was done work.

We were getting our Friday night started right at some bar.

Bar in the Village

Later on, we went to Chinatown in an attempt to eat at this amazing place (it's a favourite of Richard's and I don't even remember the name), but it was 10 minutes until closing so... we ordered a bunch of Chinese style pork sandwiches and cold noodles and ate them on the stoop outside.

Cold Noodles?

It was pretty delicious.

Sidewalk Takeout

On our walk over to Chinatown, we had noticed that Parm was open late, so we backtracked and went there for second dinner.


Waiting is never boring when you have your friends and a glass of something yummy.


I ordered the meatball roll. Keep in mind that not long ago I had also devoured a Chinese pork sammy on some random stoop. I would only have inhaled a meatball roll if it was super tasty. GET INTO MY BELLY.

Meatball Roll

Then Richard proceeded to try and explain this number grid we had seen at Momath earlier that day. I'm still confused. Though, it could be that he is just a bad teacher? Humph.

Math Tutorial

Hopefully a post about lots of drinks and food inspires you to get your Friday started right! End of next week should finally herald the completion of these NYC posts. For now, have a great weekend! 


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