NYC : Subways & Pizza

April 11, 2013

Philadelphia Train Station

I know this post is about Manhattan, but I wanted to share a photograph from Philadelphia's 30th Street Train Station. It's beautiful! Plus, this is where we were the morning we were headed into the big apple.


The weather in Manhattan was horrifying the morning we arrived. I'm a Canadian prairie girl who is used to snow, but seriously, nobody likes sleet. UGH! Wind and sideways freezing rain? The worst.

Like many others, we decided it was a museum day. I usually avoid the Natural History Museum because I find the sheer amount of children and slow-walking families really stressful. Lots of exhausted parents and kids barking at one another, and a lot of flash photography. In the spirit of jest, Don took a picture of me in front of these fossils. Ironically... it actually sort of turned out and I find it pretty funny!


When the weather is awful, the subway is even busier than usual.

Hold On

It's the perfect place to get your reading done.

Work on Transit

Finally, it was time to grab some Company Pizza!

Family Style

Good news about eating really early is being able to snag whichever table you want.

Dinner Lisa



Co. Pizza

We got properly watered and fed, and head a few blocks over to participate in Sleep No More, which was AWESOME! I think it's better not to know too much before going so I'll leave it at that.


Jana said...

LOVED Sleep No More. I've been to New York a couple of times in the last year, and I was tempted to go twice. Best thing ever.

miss sarah said...

Jana - Turns out anonymity turned me into a huge $hit disturber:) I didn't even know it was Macbeth until afterward, which made all the spousal tension scenes make more sense

take out vancouver said...

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