Spirit of Spring: Behind the Scenes

April 22, 2013


It was a blast to be a part of the Spirit of Spring team on Sunday, working together to help raise awareness and funds for the important work they do at McDougall House. The ladies (I presume they're mostly ladies) who do the organizing for this event put in a lot of work to run the entire event, so hats off to the boss ladies who make it easy and fun to participate as a volunteer!

Here, are some behind the scenes looks of my day.


Pretty centrepieces and ladies queued up backstage.




Making plans for hair.

In the Hair Room

Sitting still and drowning in hairspray.

Sit still



Amy's Hair

Then, those who are the fair daughters of organizers, have to substitute last minute and wear clothes that don't fit them. Enter the fine use of safety pins!

Sarah Gets Pinned

I got to wear Gravity Pope the last time I did the show and I missed being in their clothes! Though, that didn't stop me from peaking at the selections.

Gravity Pope

They brought shoes too.

Gravity Pope Shoes

Back on my side of the dressing room, my gown from Lilana's Boutique was safe and sound.


Gravity Pope's Hat


Oh, and I didn't get my hair braided or curled like everybody else. Just got a very severe version of my normal hair, with lots of back combing so I looked like a doll.

Doll Hair

Out in the crowd, Jason and Don were hanging out. I asked them to give me some "catalogue," but only Don knew what I wanted. Jason needs more training.


Backstage my lady Amy is getting ready.


I want these outfits. Especially the one on the right.

Gimme That Outfit

Last minute scrambles to get everything organized.


And one sweet lady getting her gown tweaked.


All said and done, the event was a success! This year I had clothes from TK Clothing, Sonia's Runway, and Liliana's Boutique. I haven't regularly shopped at these places, but I can definitely say that based on my fittings, the ladies you will meet while shopping at these stores are so warm and welcoming. They were all lots of fun to work with and made the whole experience that much more memorable. Plus, their stores stock some pretty wicked stuff. I am still in love with the nanette lepore peplum dress I got to wear. Too bad it's a size too big for me to buy it (we did some excessive pinning for the show).

Oh, and if you want to see yours truly bobbing her head way too much while walking on a catwalk... here you go:


Anonymous said...

Great post! I always wonder what happens in the rooms, now I do! You made it look so beautiful! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Its so wonderful to see the behind the scenes hustle and bustle! You worked the runway like you owned it! Stunning job! :)
-Sonia's Runway

Anonymous said...

Great post! Loved seeing all the behind the scenes hustle and bustle. You made it look so lovely, as usual! And you rocked the runway like it was yours! Stunning job!
-Sonia's Runway

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures Sarah! Was great to see you and Don again, hopefully will see you next year =)


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