Flashback Friday!

May 3, 2013

Only have a few snaps from this week. Since getting back from a weekend away, we had a lot of laundry and boring domestic things to get caught up on. When I rode Dexter to school, I was in such a rush to get back in time to teach, there was no opportunity for photos. Just go go go!

I did managed to capture Dexter and this week's art project at the AGA. He made a sculpture and titled it, "Dexter". Then he pained it all green with a bit of a tint for detail. 

In other news, we busted out the LEGO and Dexter has been playing LEGO city all the time. So far he is doing well with picking up stray pieces that may have fallen on the ground, so that baby doesn't eat them. 

Weekend is going to be awesome with the sunny weather here (finally)! I am prepared for potential mosquitos, and the tires on both my fair-weather bikes have been tended to. That means a spin on the Pashley tonight! 

Also, the Royal Bison is going down so I highly recommend you going there. I know I am deeply craving something shiny and new to go with dresses and bare legs...

Have a great weekend!


aem2 said...

Dexter's darker green bits look like a bird on a perch!

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