Flashback Friday!

May 17, 2013

It was a busy week. Oh, I sound like a broken record. Sorry about that:)

I am thrilled. Beyond thrilled, about the Bobike Jr that was bestowed upon me by Deb over at Loop Frame Love. What a woman, to give a bikey girl like me such a gem after she was done with it.

It's perfect for Dexter. Now I don't have to lug the trailer behind me (heavy) if I just want to drop him off at school and run some errands solo. And it's so quick to just pop him on and the buckle him up. He mimics my hand signals too, which is ADORABLE.

He loves his new seat.

Also this week, our regular breakfast. We are creatures of habit here, with maple syrup oats plus coconut and bananas. One pot feeds all.

A lot of my blogging this week has been taken up with gushing about baby Alice.

It was her birthday! She is 1 and I think that makes her a toddler now.

Not to be forgotten, my first "baby" is still a special gem.

Lots of kids this week - Have a sunny weekend!


Meika said...

Oh my word! The Bobike! How have I never heard of this before?? I've been having my four-year-old or six-year-old (not that she changes or the other rides!) ride on an old garden kneeling pad on my back rack. It... mostly works. Except when they kick my feet while I'm pedaling. This looks like a pretty awesome upgrade!

Melissa said...

Nice post! New blog layout looks great and the kids do too. Keep on truckin' Miss Sarah! - or should I say biking? ;)

Deborah Merriam said...

Sarah, the Bobike looks right at home on that bike, and Dexter looks so happy using it! Yaaaay! =D

My goodness, your new blog design is *gorgeous*.

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