May 22, 2013

Oh, all you Edmonton LEGO maniacs out there need to thusly prepare yourselves for the soon-to-open LEGO store at Southgate Centre! I believe the store has its official opening and other related festivities mid-June, but until then you can go and help build the collaborative mural! 

Dexter was super lucky that Don got invited to attend the unveiling of the LEGO mural, and got to lay the first few bricks with the help of his dad. 

The thing about LEGO is that it's not just any old toy. At least not at our house. Don was a LEGO maniac since he was 3 yrs old when he got the fire station set for his birthday. Eventually, he wasn't even allowed to play LEGO after dinner because it would leave him so wired he could never sleep.

Don make some welcoming remarks before the unveiling, and many of his statements rang true. Most of all, that LEGO is a wonderful toy that sparks creativity and allows for kids of all ages to engage in the task of city building. What's more wonderful than somebody creating communities and characters to live in them, making up their places and stories?

Speaking of which, here is a little video that we made for the 2010 election:

Needless to say, Dexter is a brick off the old block. He also seems to be turning into quite the LEGO maniac.

Then here is baby Alice. At the event I let her out of the stroller, only to have her clean the perimeter of the floor around the display with her crawling and running away. Later, she entertained herself with some found objects. 

It's obviously fun to build your "city" figuratively, but hopefully that's just a step in the direction of contributing to your community and city building in real life. What kind of a city would you build?


Leisha said...

Cannot think of a more appropriate family to be present at the unveiling!How wonderful for you, how wonderful for Edmonton! P.S. Lovin' the new stream-lined "mod" look of the blog.

wader said...

Loving the new look too! Phil is probably rather jealous of Dexter.

Miss Sarah said...

Leisha & Wade - Thanks for the redesign compliments, Fella sent me to blogmilk for the template and it's working out well.

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