Weekender {Baby Alice Goes to Work}

May 13, 2013

Oh, it was a pretty intense weekend, with lots of work functions... which included baby Alice.

Dexter was having grandpa-time, gardening up a storm with my dad. Since my mom is in Hong Kong with Sable, he wasn't so keen on changing diapers and minding two children on his own.

So baby Alice stayed with me at the bungalow. Making a mess, always putting things in her mouth, and mildly terrorizing the new 12 yr old babysitter from down the street.

On Saturday night I put on a washable outfit and flat shoes, and fed Alice the dinner rolls at the Casa fundraiser.

After dinner, we also went to the AGA for Art on the Block - Always such a fun party! Also, got to see lots of friends that I haven't spied in a long time. Plus, the ladies were ogling Don carrying our epic baby around. Later when I was pushing Alice around (asleep) in the stroller? Chopped liver.

Saturday night was a union dinner, where Alice manhandled helium balloons, and the Edmonton Public Library's unveiling of a specially commissioned piece by Toti, celebrating the library's centenary!

When it came time for her Dad to do the unveiling, she was SUPER EXCITED. I think it was all the clapping. Really gets her in the party mood.

So my weekend was a lot of #workingnightout, but it was sweet to have my wonderful baby with me the whole time. Sweet, and work intensive!


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