Weekender {Finally, It's Spring!}

May 6, 2013

I don't think I am alone in the feel-good mood out there... spring is officially here and everybody is loving the sunshine and warm weather. We are especially starved for it up here, since the winter was long.

I was more than pleased to wear denim on denim. Without tights.

For those of you who are looking to be my bike twin, I spied a Pashley at redbike on Friday... join me!

On the way home it started raining, but that's what fenders are for. Also, there is a brim on my helmet that keeps junk out of my eyes.

Speaking of the Pashley, it's so wonderful to be riding that beautiful bike again. It's so upright, and practical, and civilized. 

Which is why I rode it on my working night out.

And joy of joys - Riding as a family. The Madsen sat in storage all last summer when baby Alice was an infant, but she sure is big enough to ride in it now! Knowing that the cargo was going to be ample, I made Don do the towing. 

This week is supposed to be likewise delightful in terms of weather. Enjoy, and see you out there!


Cheryl West-Hicks said...

You're always looking so stylish while riding. That's how I look in my head but the reality is not quite so pretty.

Anonymous said...

We are already bike twins!

miss sarah said...

Cheryl - You just can't see my huffing and puffing:)

Anon - Bike twins, YES! I love my Pashley sisters.

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