Flashback Friday!

June 14, 2013

I am totally in love with this photo my sister and I took of baby Alice this past week. We caught her terrifying shadow during sunset, and then went through the process of getting her to stay in the light so we could catch her hilarious silhouette. Classic!

Speaking of shadows, there was some severe weather in Edmonton over this past week. Summer thunder storms! On this particular day there was a tornado warning too. 

Here is Alice, with her awesome hair after her nap. She sure is serious about that strawberry.

And speaking of clouds, they were really wonderful looking yesterday afternoon while I was standing out on the porch waiting for my next student. 

Can't wait to take more photos of our evolving garden to show you! My dad has been working on our landscape like it was his own, and it's looking pretty amazing. Will snap some water feature shots soon.

Have a great weekend!


Sarah said...

Long time reader, first time commenter :) The shadow picture is amazing!

Miss Sarah said...

Another Sarah!

The shadow picture IS amazing... absolutely a favourite. I feel like she needs to record an album now...


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