Flashback Friday!

June 21, 2013

We took this family photo on Tuesday, right before Don announced he was running for mayor in this fall's municipal election!

I am so proud of him, and excited for the next four months - It's going to be FUN. I love my family. I love my city. And, I love a challenge. 

I don't talk about Don's work in too much detail, since girls and bicycles is my own space for active transportation/active living musings (in its many forms). However, you will undoubtedly see some crossover as my path intersects with the campaign. I hope you will enjoy sharing the journey with us. 

And, here I am in the green room afterwards, hanging out with Dexter and Alice. 

Political excitement aside, baby Alice and I spent some time cutting flowers in the garden the other day.  

And in my much more ordinary work updates, year-end is upon me and my students. This means the most adorable displays of thanks from the kids.

This week has been such a surge of activity and energy - It's wonderful! 

Stay tuned - You can continue to count on me to bring you Chiveson news, both big and small. 


D said...

Wow that's wonderful news! Good luck to your husband and I wish you all the best :D
I'm glad Edmonton is such a nice place to live...I'm in Ottawa, and sometimes we get jaded.

Nice to have a pro-cycling wife as mayor! lol

Hilary said...

You're right about not talking about your husband's work in too much detail - I've been reading your blog for two years and I had no idea he was a councillor!

I wish you and your family every bit of success, and I look forward to your updates.

Miss Sarah said...

D - I like municipal politics because it's not party-related. However, we get such a tiny part of the tax dollar:( Ottawa is beautiful!

Hilary - Sometimes I feel like so much of my life is all about Don. I love that the blog is my own place. However, we do share a life together, hence you'll be hearing more about him because campaigns are all-consuming.

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