Our Meadow.

June 20, 2013

I've been noticing little flowers popping up in our meadow of native plants and grasses, and have been meaning to go out there and cut some for the house. Today was the day! Baby Alice was having a wonderful time walking through the secret path on our landscape.

Thanks to Clark Eco Science, we have a beautiful and purposefully wild meadow for a front lawn. Lots of people think it's weeds... but they're all native plants and grass species that are indigenous to Edmonton's landscape. That means no weeds! Plus, we have some pretty flowers, mint, and strawberries. Maybe it's not for everybody, but I love it.

My dad, on the other hand, is working his feng shui gardening magic on the other part of our property. It's AWESOME! More photos of that later, but here Alice is, picking flowers.

 More flower-pondering.

And TADA! Homey bouquet.

Looking forward to decorating the house over this season. We planted different things to blossom at various times between spring and fall, and I don't remember them all, so it'll be a surprise as we go along!


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