Flashback Friday!

July 12, 2013

This week featured me pedalling around on the Mixte with Dexter on the back. 

We also cut some of the peonies from our bushes in the lane. They're my favourite! I missed the first crop since I was away in Vancouver, but there are plenty more to be had. 

Don was working late one of these nights. After putting Alice to bed, I was reading when I heard Dexter exclaim to himself, "Wow, Don is so big!" So cute. 

 Wednesday was art with leaves at the Art Gallery.

Speaking of which, the new Lyndal Osborne exhibit is amazing! The kids were so excited about it.

Followed by McKernan spray park for OMG.

Some domestic child-rearing.

And riding on three different bikes this week! Mixte when Dexter and I are together. Bucket when I've got both kids and cargo for the park. Pashley when I'm solo.


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