Occasional Mom's Group (OMG)

July 11, 2013

During the teaching year it's really hard for me to get out and visit friends. I can swing the odd lunch here and there, though I am mostly busy doing mom things like coordinating Dexter's school delivery and baby Alice's naps. Not so leisurely. 

Now that it's summer, I find that I want to see a bunch of different friends with babies, but don't have time to visit individually on a regular basis. 

I decided I'm just going to roll my visiting into my spray park excursions. Thus, my occasional mom's group was born. Weather permitting, I am hoping to be camped out at McKernan spray park on a weekly basis. If my mom friends are free, they can join. If they're not, I'll read my Vanity Fair!

So excited to see Jessica and Dexter reunited. I met Jess's mom at the very first mom's group that I attended when Dexter was born. Jess had zero hair back then and now she is all mermaid-terrific. 

Alice continues to love being a water baby.

Carmen and her baby, Elliot! 

And Sarah (fellow Belgravian) brought her baby, Suzette.

I actually had the sweetest photo of Karen and 1 month old Charlotte. In my editing fury on my phone, I ended up deleting it by accident. CURSES.

Oh well, I'll take another one next week. Or the week after! On the way home Dexter was shirtless and the baby pantsless while I pedalled the bucket bike. Total summer styles.


Connie said...

Looks like fun! And that's a good idea for getting friends together with such different schedules. No pressure too!

Miss Sarah said...

Connie - Yes, it just so happens that a lot of the ladies are on mat leave this summer, so it's prime time to visit. Only so many hours in the day, so we might as well get outdoors:)

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