On Location in Vancouver

July 9, 2013

Thanks for bearing with my absence last week - I was in Vancouver!

It's been too long (well, last summer) since Crystal, Rosie, and I have been together. Back in the day we were all in the same high school. Then, in University, we would have our weekly bench-lunch inside a pedway, on campus. When we weren't at school, we were dancing on the weekends, or travelling all over the place. Love these ladies.

Years go by. Rosie moved away for law school and later relocated for work. I have since then had two kids (old news for you readers), and Rosie had her baby last fall! Life goes on, but the love was still alive and well over our week-long lady convention. 

Crystal and I flew out with baby Alice, to stay with Rosie at her beautiful home in North Vancouver. 

Alice did a lot of hanging out in the backyard. 

With her new friend, baby T!

And the golden lab, Jack.

This girl knows no fear.

She also represented at dim sum in Richmond

Baby T with his first chopsticks.

We did a lot of entertaining, and with the three of us always on duty - big delicious dinners were easy. Though, I think a lot of the cooking credit goes to Crystal.

Baby Alice tried to add herself to the paper recycling box.

I got to see Linna and Jhen!

One morning we had breakfast at Tomahawk BBQ.

And here are our beach things drying outside. We had a wonderful time visiting 2nd beach in Stanley Park and also Ambleside Beach! Sunny beach days with sea breeze makes me a little envious of Vancouver living. In my heart of hearts, however, I am still deeply in love with my prairie roots here in Edmonton. 

It was splendid to make new memories with my old-school lady friends, and my love for these friends of mine continue to burn brightly. I'm missing our time together already. 


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