Summer is Here!

July 2, 2013

Last Thursday was my last day of teaching for this school year! Once again, I can't believe I wrapped up another year of teaching. Although I know my students and I did A LOT over the year, it still feels like time sort of flew by!

In the evening, Leisha and Lisa came over to have some celebratory bubbles with me on the patio. 

They are both proud Linus babes. 

I'll stick to my Pashley. Almost twice as heavy, but my love for this bike knows no bounds. Nothing gives you cardio like riding a tank of a bike all over town.

I bike all year round, but summertime just combines the perfect mix of friends (who aren't winter cyclists yet); kids playing at home with the babysitter; and linen shorts without jackets. Also, the sun around here doesn't set until around 10 pm. 

Absolutely glorious!


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