Wednesday Morning.

July 31, 2013

I suspect Alice might currently be teething or going through one of the many phases children go through before the age of 2 - She was something special yesterday. Hollering nonstop as she stomped around the house like some titan. It seems as though her favourite two words right now are variations and combinations of "No" and "Mama".

This meant I had a low grade headache for a larger part of the day, and it also meant not being motivated enough to load the kids up to get our farm share.

Instead, I went solo this morning. With my Selgado Fenwick t-shirt and some Uniqlo pants, my home-mom-clothes and I pedalled over to grab my bag of goodies and also to get a bag of coffee beans from our neighbourhood café, Gracious Goods. They stock Transcend!

And that, my friends, is why a lady needs panniers. 

Off to deal with my demanding toddler and to make celery/cauliflower soup! 

Ciao for now:)


b. said...

Sarah, what kind of pannier baskets do you have? Wondering what would fit on my own Pashley. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Hi Sarah! Love your blog! So inspiring! I have the opportunity to buy a very gently used Pashley at a fantastic price -- it is a medium frame and I am at the very tip-top of the recommended measurements (whereas, I am in the middle of the rec for the largest size). Do you think that it is too risky? Again, love your blog -- so motivating!

Miss Sarah said...

b - They're side fold out baskets from WALD

Stephanie - I'm sure with the saddle and angles of the handlebars done the right way, you will be comfortable:)

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