Weekender {SO MUCH BIKING}

July 1, 2013

In the wintertime, when I bike, it's usually a short jaunt to drop Dexter off at school and grab a bag of groceries.

In the summer, I'll actually venture across the bridge and plan a whole day on bike.

I was overjoyed to do my weekly run to the market on the Pashley. Then, I spied Matt's Workcycles Bakfiets! My sister thought I was a little crazy for climbing inside, but I knew Matt probably couldn't care less.

Full disclosure: I didn't know it was Matt's (only suspected) until I saw him rolling it away later on. I yelled out to him that I had used it for photographic purposes, but I think my voice got lost in the crowd.

In my hands you will see that I am holding a fan, a mango bubble juice, and an Eva Sweet waffle. It was so hot, my sunglasses were sweating off my face.

Later on, we biked back over the bridge to the south side. Locked up near Whyte ave to grab some lunch. 

Sable and I went to see Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing at the Princess Theatre - It was great!

Later on that evening, I met up with friends for some drinks.

 And later on, we ate pizza in a parking lot.

The initial plan was to take bus #4 back to my neighbourhood, and walk a little bit. One of our friends is also a Belgravian and I asked him what his plan was to get home. He said he was just going to walk... and that inspired me to do the same! It's about a 40 minute stroll, but the evening was fine and my shoes were friendly.

It was a lovely promenade. Some rambunctious cyclists bid me hello at one point; the trees smelled fresh; there was lightning off in the distance to ogle; and we also stumbled across a house party that had spilled out onto the street. Joined in a bit of impromptu frisbee throwing, and continued towards quiet Belgravia.

Quite magical, really.


Matt said...

Hey Sarah,
Nice pic. You can use it as a prop anytime but you might have to fight Charlie for a seat. Did you guys still want to test ride it?

Miss Sarah said...

Matt - I'm so glad it WAS yours! I'm sure I'll be taking it out for a spin the next time I see you out and about:) Now since baby Alice is able to sit upright, and since the Madsen didn't sell last summer, we're just going to stick with it until it starts rusting:)

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