July 22, 2013

Friday night was a date night! We went to dinner at the Marc and then over to the AGA for the opening of their new watercolour exhibit from the V&A

I got a picture inside the Cabinets of Curiosity!

Don was surprisingly knowledgeable about the 19th Century British Photographs

The next day, we attended a pancake breakfast and the market. Then, I accompanied him to one of the Edmonton Public Library's centenary barbecues! 

All these kids were just hanging around the parking lot eating their hot dogs and listening to stories. Pretty much the best thing ever. Tons of families rolling up on their bikes or walking to the library with their kids in a wagon. Great!

That evening, I had a Culina friend-date dinner, followed by bourbon at home. 

Rolled out of bed early on Sunday, so we could take the kids sailing!

Brought some extra family too.

And there we go. Another summer weekend bites the dust!

Glad to be living it up while it lasts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! Love reading your blog and seeing the cute pictures of your kids. Can you tell me which lake you go sailing at? I'm trying to find something nearby Edmonton...

Thanks in advance

Miss Sarah said...

We sail at Wabamun! Though I hear Pidgeon lake is also sail-able, and I hear good things about Sylvan lake too.

aem2 said...

I love the look on your kids' faces in the sailing pic. "This is the best thing ever!"

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