2013 Symphony Under the Sky!

August 31, 2013

Another Friday night at the Edmonton Symphony's Symphony Under the Sky under my belt! It's just down the hill from my place, and you know I love a downhill bike ride.

Our plans to have dinner at the Belgravia Hub were crushed when we got there and realized it was closed for the labour day long weekend:( However, the girls and I made some emergency take-out requests to our other symphony goers, and secured 3 chicken dinner combos from La shish Taouk. All that was left was getting down to the park. 

Fella and Christy walked, while I rolled downhill. 

Once we arrived, we took up our place in line. Some people have it figured out! Fresh peaches at the park? Yes.

Somewhere along the way, Christy's skirt started falling apart. 

Tickets, for me!

Wade and I reunited and toasted to celebrate our time together at the picnic table.

And then we tucked in to our dinner combos that John and Glenn brought in a heat-retaining cooler! Hot food! Cold drink! In a park! It was pretty great.

Total coincidence, but Dexter was there too, with my sister and mom.

He worked very hard at eating his mini doughnuts, and his hotdog from fat franks, and popcorn, and hot chocolate... suffice to say Dexter had a pretty good time.

Thanks for bringing the little dude, Sable!

Three generations of Chivesons (Chan + Iveson).

And yet another surprise - Don joined us too! He went to fetch Dexter and the two of them hung out all night. Family time at the symphony - I love that.

Marc had also just arrived from work.

Other grass-seating audience members, looking very relaxed at the end of the week.

Some Mozart. Always lovely.

And cozy.

My guys!

And finally, the Dvořák played by cellist Denise Djokic. It was beautiful, and got a great review in the Journal

I noticed during the Tchaikovsky that a bunch of us at the picnic table were swaying back and forth, which was so sweet. Nothing like having some quiet moments to reflect upon the music, with your friends who bring you dinner, drinks, cheezies, and twizzlers. What a wonderful evening! 

We thought it was going to rain too, and as a high and mighty cyclist I kept proclaiming that the skies were sure to open up. Based on the direction and speed of the wind, I was so sure of myself! Luckily, the whole night went off without much more than a few little drops here and there. 

I'm tied up for the rest of the weekend, but for those of you who have some evenings free - I highly recommend going to the Motown concert with Ellis Hall on Sunday night or the 1812 on Monday. I think tonight's broadway show is all sold out. 

Last weekend before back-to-school, get out there!


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