Flashback Friday!

August 16, 2013

This week there was riding around wearing Malorie Urbanovitch! I had lunch at Noorish and it is every bit as good as people say. 

The kids have both had minor colds, so I ordered an Orange Omsicle and the Laughing Buddha's Bowl. The names are funny, I know. The taste though... my gosh, I'd go in just for the beverage. Will be back again soon, and it's so close to my place. Under 10 minutes on the bike. 

 Earlier in the week we had a little trip out to the lake. Dexter made sand "properties".

Baby Alice doesn't want anybody following her around or supervising her. 

 She also refuses to take my good advice, which is to stop playing with old Nescafe cans full of cigarette butts. Disgusting!

 And finally, my just-over-one year old also insists on moving a wheelbarrow by herself.

You can't tell because her shirt is billowy, but she also got her pants wet and just spent most of the day sans pants. My little barbarian.

And, I finally went to Menchie's. While waiting for some sushi take-out, Sable suggested we pop over next door and have a pre-dinner treat. Twist my rubber arm, okay!

Enjoying these late summer days. We've been having really humid weather and some awesome evening thunder storms!


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