{Long} Weekender!

August 5, 2013

Having such a great long weekend! Amidst entertaining our super fun house guests, I've gotten up to all sorts of things. 

Such as... running the boring errand of getting a windshield replaced on our car. As you can imagine, I don't care much for driving or for cars in general. As the little chips in our windshield have amassed over the past few years I've just managed to ignore it. Never bothered me! Finally, with more flexibility in the summer, I made an appointment to get it replaced. 

During my 90 minute wait, I found Amean Halal Donair & Pizza! I was famished and thought my only option was hobbling (no sidewalks in this part of town) over to the MacDonalds, a place I have not eaten at for over... 10 years (I prefer A&W). Luckily, I stopped at one of the strip malls, took a good look around, and found the donair place. It was wonderful! Super yummy and saucy, served up in a plastic bag, and the guy behind the counter called me, "sister". I'm sold. 

Killed the rest of my time shopping at the Value Village, where I bought this amazing commemorative dish. I had a whole basket full of other treasures that I eventually returned to the shelves. Must. Exercise. Self. Control. 

On my errands, I also found the perfect bomber jacket for fall cycling! Long sleeves, zipper up past the throat, and hood to boot. 

Had a moment to enjoy a cup of tea before heading out to work with Don. 

Later on in the weekend, I strapped the kids into the Croozer double trailer and dragged them down to Hawrelak Park for the Heritage Festival. Usually love that bike ride, though it was much less enjoyable because of all the crowds spilling out over the sidewalks. It's one of those places where you can't really take the street and there isn't a dedicated bike path either. 

Regardless, the kids and I made it down there and I converted the trailer into a stroller. Off we went!

Even ran into Don, who was working at the festival. 

 Turned into a nice bit of family time after Don was off duty. The bike ride back up the hill was slow and steady, but I wasn't even close to feeling like I was dying from the experience. Good thing there was no head wind!

 It was nice to get some things done, and have a fun time on the bike with both children! On the Saturday my house guests and I did a BIG walking tour! We started off at the market, then tried to catch the streetcar, which we had just missed. Decided we would enjoy a stroll across the bridge. Went along the scenic Saskatchewan Drive, toured around Old Strathcona, then walked back to the Sugarbowl through Garneau and looked at lots of old houses. We walked, talked, shopped, and ate for hours!

This is all to say, I spent an entire afternoon on foot, which rarely ever happens. I'm always hopping on the train or on my bike in order to accelerate my pedestrianism. It was refreshing to just take it slow and stay on my feet!


Luisita said...

It's such fun to see all your pics! I'm the kind of woman who could NEVER ever wear a dress while riding, but I really enjoy your riding styles!

Introduction to Media & Culture said...

I love it! I had to replace the windshield on our car last week - after about three years of ignoring cracks and whatnot. I don't really think about them either as I drive so infrequently. I didn't happen upon a great place to eat though. But I did catch up on some work.

Cath said...

I've just found your blog and adore it. Such a great family tradition of cycling being formed and not a stitch of Lycra in sight. Love it! Ciao from Italy. :)

Miss Sarah said...

Luisita - I'm glad! I find the skirts so comfortable:)

Intro - The best part was how everybody would always comment on it, like the car was sooo derelict. Finally, I was persuaded to take care of it because somebody said it wasn't safe... okay, FINE!

Cath - I am so glad you found me! Hope you keep coming back. And yes, I bought a pair of bike shorts over 6 years ago and have never worn them.

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