Belated Saturday: Market & Wedding

September 5, 2013

The beginning of fall is my favourite time to go to the market! Apples and corn are real favourite foods of mine, and September is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the bounty. During this time there are crates and crates of peaches too. So. Delicious.

I have re-arranged some of my teaching, which will hopefully mean I can enjoy the Saturday City Market through this harvest season!

A few of our wonderful campaign volunteers were talking about how they haven't been getting out to the market due to door knocking - So I took my strawberries on the bus with me and made a fruit delivery in lieu of them being able to go themselves.

While I was at the office, I ran into our campaign dog, Cairo! He carries panniers of literature and has his own button and name tag. The cutest.

Later that evening, everybody was suited-dressed up for a wedding! Those of us coming from west of the tracks carpooled.

I have heard about Café Bicyclette à La Cité, but have never been.

It's beautiful! If you're in the neighbourhood (or if you're just looking for a good café adventure), I encourage you to visit. Beautiful space. Operates in French. And yummy coffee.

I don't have any full length mirrors at home. This is why I find them so novel when I am out.

Amber glass sugar bowl, be still my heart.

I ordered a coconut macaron and sat outside waiting for the ceremony to start.

The wonderful Cory Christopher strikes again with floral and decor!

Love the flowers bursting out of trunks to go with the travel theme. 

Look at this room. It was stunning! We had such a good time:)

There is something wonderful about a day full of beauty and creativity. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Just grand.


Connie said...

cute wedding decor! Love the flower colors & the embroidery hoops!

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