Flashback Friday!

September 20, 2013

We're transitioning, weather-wise! Time for light coats (it's still quite warm) and closed-toe shoes. 

It brought me a smile to see my student arrive to class with a Don Iveson for Mayor button the other day! Also, she clearly needed a reminder to finish her theory homework too:) We're on alto and tenor clefs right now. 

Took this guy to school all week. Yesterday, I had the uncommon experience of hitting every single green light on the way home, and on that magical occasion it took less than 5 minutes. I was flying!

And in other campaign news, I have a stack of lawn signs here at the bungalow, which are getting snapped up by the families of Miss Sarah. Alice insists on helping when she isn't busy being fascinated by people putting their shoes on.

At our block party last month, I was talking to Grant, a friend and Dad of one of my students. His older son babysits for me and the younger son mows my lawn! Grant was telling his older son that one of the greatest compliments people can pay him is trusting him with their kids. I  mean, with all the wacky stuff that teenagers go through, isn't that great advice? Dude, people leave you alone with their children! 

It reoccurred to me this week that it is such an honour that all these parents trust me to teach their children.

That's enough to make me misty, but now that some of them are also supporters of my husband and our family in this election? Double-misty.


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