Flashback Friday!

September 27, 2013

More crisp, fall cycling this week! The winds were quite strong the other day and I momentarily regretted having bare legs. But, once Dexter and I were on our way to school there was only one thing to do - Keep riding! After the first 2 minutes of brisk winds, I was all warmed up. Just gotta keep pedalling. 

Took myself out to lunch at the Nhon Hoa before my Pilates class. It is pretty moms & pops in there, but the value and taste is amazing! 

I usually get combo #1 for $6.99. Two spring rolls, a drink, and a sub. Lemongrass chicken - spicy.

 It's finally the appropriate weather for my new cycling jacket! It's a faux-leather bomber. Has the amazing quality of complete wind resistance. Has the downside of becoming incredibly sweaty inside as my temperature rises. I usually have to unzip after riding for a while. Problem solved!

Also on the domestic front: Baby Alice's toddler tantrums. Artificial crying. All the time! My favourite is when she lays down on the ground, face down, and then just cries into the rug or the floor. With her arms and legs splayed out, she looks like a starfish. And, the cry is less of a cry and more of a suspended moan. It's especially unconvincing because of the way she looks around to see if anybody notices.

And that's life at the bungalow: Hilarious toddlers; Riding to school with Dexter; Buying groceries; Teaching piano; Eating sandwiches.

Looking forward to some fun stuff on the weekend! I'll hit the campaign trail with Don for some of it, teach my students, attend some of the UofA alumni festivities (free USO concert on Sunday at con hall), and have dinner with my family!

See you Monday!


babble on said...

Nice bum, where ya from? Seriously, though, you look great. Best bike bonus is the benefit to yer backside, right?

I used to love riding in Edmonton through the winter on my fat tires... specially after a night out when there aren't many cars about so all you hear is the Styrofoam sound of your tires on the packed snow. On a clear new moon night, when you look up you really can see forever.

babble on said...

I've said that before, haven't I? I DO babble on... anon... sorry!
It's just that I wish everyone could discover the joys of life in the bike lane.

I reconnected with an old high school friend who still lives in Edmonton. She read my blog and said "You inspire me, (best words EVER!) but winter's on its way," and I noticed how many people find a "but..." Soecially in Edmonton. Which is ridiculous, because Edmontonians define themselves as strong, tough and self-reliant because they survive some of the planet's less hospitable winters. AND they ski, whether it's -20c or not. Right?

Your blog always reminds me of my adolescence, and my early love of cycling, and that's why I always leave the same reminiscent comment. Well, that and I have the memory of a goldfish.

Anyhoo. I sure am happy to know you're out there inspiring the good people of Edmonton. You do it beautifully. xo

Anonymous said...

Love those blue booties!

Joyce said...

I've had to suspend my 30 minute bike commutes with the toddler because it's 0 degrees in the morning. Any suggestions on how i can get around it? :(

Can't believe it's Alumni weekend already!

Miss Sarah said...

Joyce - Not sure what to say! We don't have to go very far, and Dexter has a parka and all the extras. When it gets colder he usually goes in the trailer with a blanket. Very cozy!

babble - I love your rambling! Always welcome to ramble here:)

The booties are Toms "Chambray" shoe from this past spring/summer. Very comfortable

I also love winter cycling. I never knew how easy it could be until I got winter tires. Then it's just like... riding a bike! It's still cool if people are fair weather cyclists. That's where we start, right?

Joyce said...

You DO inspire! Not to be a sycophant but if i hadn't come across your blog i never would've had the nerve to get on the road with my toddler. :)

Miss Sarah said...

Joyce - Riding with the babies is so fun:)

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