Last Friday Night

September 25, 2013

Last Friday night, I ate shrimp cakes from the Crooked Fork at What the Truck. Seriously good!

I love the Churchill square venue, so much space!

I met up with Don, who hit the little village food truck before the lines became too intense.

There was some fun with Thomas Scott in and around meeting new people.

And then it was off to a very impressive reception, hosted by Christina and Michael.

This woman has thought of EVERYTHING (that's our city hall rendered in a cake, for those of you who don't know).

Green and blue roses hanging from chandeliers. Uh, yeah. She did that.

Truffled popcorn, cake pops (mine was red velvet), cotton candy and gateau... it's like the birthday party I have never had.

She even made a cocktail in honour of the evening.

Don addressed the room with a speech, and it was really moving. I have seen Don speak on many occasions, but I'm still captivated each time. Oftentimes I learn something new!

Okay, this random Barbie is pretty excellent. I turned her around so she could "find her light" for her portrait.

Christina's house is full of mirrored surfaces, so I used an excess serving plate that used to have cake pops on it, to take a portrait of myself.

What an excellent crowd, full of creative thinkers and open minds. I even had the pleasure of meeting a south-east Edmonton mom who is maximum cool! Definitely worth crossing the tracks for. Same goes for Barberha who also commiserated with me about our sons and grandparent-babysitters!

The interesting thing about the neighbourhood we were in, is that it's in the middle of some exciting transformation. It's one of those old neighbourhoods that has boulevards and tree canopy, but the lots are now being turned over to create beautiful new builds and hopefully more infill. What a treat to be hosted with such attention to detail, in a gorgeous house, in a charming old neighbourhood!


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hi Miss Sarah! I still stop by your blog now and then- Good Luck to Don - looks like things are going well. Years ago I visited Edmonton and hope to get up there again one day!

Cheers! Bruce

babble on said...

I sure wish I could take photographs as well as you do, doll.

Miss Sarah said...

Bruce - Thank you for continuing to stop by every now and then! I love my old bike blog friends, like Freth, who is a virtual grandpa to my kids:) Keep coming back!

And if you're ever back here, you know you have to write so we can go riding.

babble - Lots of practice

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