Marina's Blue Linus!

September 17, 2013

A few months ago I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Marina's mom asking me about blue lady bikes, since she was looking for a birthday gift for her daughter. You see, Marina and I usually walk together in the Spirit of Spring fashion show. She is in my "pod" which means our outfits are always hung together and we hang out all day. 

Now she is a fellow girl on bicycle too!

Turns out Marina is basically a neighbour and also lives near the University. There is no point for her to drive to classes. She lives closer than some of the parkades! And why walk 10-15 minutes when you could lazily coast for 3-5? Marina and her Linus have got the right idea.

This beautiful girl wore an adorable romper to our shoot, complete with a unique coin necklace.

A+ on the bow. 

A happy cyclist is one of my favourite things in the world.

Especially one with pink shoes!

Marina was kind enough to ride me along Saskatchewan Drive and she knows tons of the stories behind the people who live in my favourite houses. We had a splendid jaunt together and I left our shoot feeling so excited that there is another girl who is utterly in love with her bicycle.

Getting girls on bicycles, one ride at a time!


Hyedie said...

Wow great photo shoot! I love her romper and cute, new bike!

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