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September 10, 2013

These days are hard to keep track of. If you ask me what I'm doing next weekend, I have to seriously stop and look at the calendar! Sunday sort of snuck up on me and suddenly it was time to take a road trip and go to the Edmonton Area Land Trust fundraiser dinner out in Bon Accord.

It's harvest time and all the countryside is looking amazing!

Speaking of harvest, my favourite foods are looking amazing!

I never knew about the Prairie Adventure Farm - It's AWESOME! As a city girl, going out to a cute farm with little animals and fresh vegetables is a big deal. I really missed having the kids out there, as I noted repeatedly how they would love the place.

There was crazy squash!

Little patapans. 


Melons and zucchini!

I have a soft spot for baby pumpkins. I think they're unbelievably adorable and carry them around like they're precious. Obviously I bought one. And then carried it around like it is precious (which it is).

The corn was over 10 feet tall! There was a maze and we spent so much time inside we missed the appetizers and cocktails.

Corn is fascinating - See?

Then I got all distracted by baby goats.

Had a mom to mom chat with mama goat.

Put in some FaceTime with the Alpaca.

And hey there, Rooster.


Finally, with incredibly low blood sugar, we found out way to the greenhouse where dinner preparations were underway. 

Oh, it was worth the wait (more mini pumpkins).

And what a ridiculously delicious menu by RGE RD.

If you read yesterday's post, you probably already know I have plans to come back next year (both on a day trip with the kids, but also for this dinner). EALT does a lot of great work preserving our natural environments - I am happy to support them. Next year, you should come too! 

I sat beside Ludwig, who is a wonderful man with four grand children and a biologist. We already have a date to go watch warblers in the spring! 


Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy piano teacher ; yeah goats R cool !!!

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