Flashback Friday!

September 5, 2013

Wonderful weather this week! 

I ran errands on the bike. Boring things like going to the bank, dropping off papers, and buying music books for kids. 

On twitter, sometimes I hear people complain that nobody ever uses our city's bike lanes. Really? I am on them almost daily. When I am out, I see kids from the neighbourhood, people riding down to the train, and always pass several other cyclists in both directions. Hmm. Perhaps these complainers are the sort of motorists who aren't paying attention to the road? Just a theory:)

That said, my skirt and I rode on a bike lane yesterday!

Oh, and my child and I rode on the bike lane, to get to his school too. 

My mom has purchased Dexter awesome LEGO sneakers for back to school. He is pretty stoked about it! I have also taught him to start wearing his back pack on the front of his body when he is in the Bobike. Pro-style bike passenger here. 

Even had some impromptu family time this week! Don had cancelled meeting, so the kids and I accompanied him on some errands and then took the kids for a lunch treat, which involved hitting up the Fat Franks in Rice Howard Way. 

I love how the kids think it's SUPER special when they get to eat a hot dog on some random downtown curb. Easy to please!

The weekend is going to be spent teaching and doing some residual studio work. Now that I am in the studio all day again, I am starting to plan some fun new ways to hang art and organize my office things. Must be all this hanging around beautifully decorated spaces - I feel inspired! 


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