Flashback Friday!

October 11, 2013

Another week wraps up on the campaign trail! And another week riding around too. 

Don't you love the artful way I have my U-Lock wrapped around the bars? Ugly, but it works. 

Earlier in the week I was attending a forum with Don, and he recognized the driver inside the Super Express 100. Since we were waiting for the longest crosswalk light, Don went over to say hello! 

Don did a little press before the event, which you can watch here. I found this forum a little sleepy, however. 

Back to Monday's forum - The kids from Garneau school came over to ask Don questions during intermission. It was the cutest. 

Speaking of kids, my student had the campaign colours on the other day!

 And here is Don doing more press during last night's forum. Lots to talk about, especially after some of the other candidates got petty. Always so disappointing. There were some poorly timed planted questions too, which for lack of a better description, was lame.

Don was always and evermore himself, however, and rose above the fray with dignity, class, and his inspiring (and informed) messages.

We all deserve to have a representative who is positive, effective, genuine, and actually knows what he is talking about - In full sentences. That's why Dexter and I continue to yell, "HEAT WAVE FOR MAYOR!" when we ride past Don's signs. 

Big events in life often challenge us, and it's funny what elements of our personalities they can bring out. New changes in life, parenthood, weddings... you name it. 

I am so proud to see Don be at his best. Better than ever, in fact! Our city (and all cities, for that matter) deserve to have the highest level of debate and discussion about the issues we care about. As neighbours and communities we deserve to discuss these issues respectfully, in detail, and in context. 

Platitudes, quoting incorrectly, and lying by omission... these are the sorts of things that make politics unpalatable and inane. It's insulting to the intelligence and thoughtfulness of voters to be presented with this sort of information. 

This is all to say, an election should be taken as an opportunity for each candidate to display and communicate their very best. This is what you will continue to see from our campaign!



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