Flashback Friday!

October 18, 2013

So much craziness with the campaign! I'm sorry I am such a broken record. It's just a really big deal and all of our work is finally culminating towards election day. 

I've been taking care of the kids, still riding around, teaching my students, and attending campaign-related functions like Wednesday night's GOTV rally! I felt more love in that room than I ever have from a group of people. The crowd was electric and everybody was pumped for our GOTV effort! 

On Wednesday I also happened to be downtown with the kids at the Art Gallery. Turns out there was a live lunchtime forum at the CBC, so the kids and I grabbed a quick lunch and went to go say hello to Don before the cameras were rolling. There were a few grade 6 classes there on field trips (they study municipal politics in that year of the curriculum) and the students were amazing.

They were so kind to Dexter and Alice, cheered for Don, enthusiastically put on their buttons, and actually read the literature. I was touched and impressed by how earnest these young Edmontonians are. It's going to be a great day when they can vote too!

We often get asked, as we did in this interview, about how our household balances parenthood with our busy work commitments.

Don has been working long, long days since before city council - His brain is always on and I have long since become accustomed to it. He works mornings, days, evenings, and weekends. I am with the kids during the day, and am also working in the evenings and on weekends. Those were the hours we were keeping when we decided to have kids (though I did teach more back then). I went into motherhood with realistic expectations and I am happy to report that the kids are happy and doing very well, and we have a lot of fun together. 

So later that day I was hanging out with moms from Dexter's pre-school and realized that all families are juggling their obligations in different ways. One of the moms has a husband doing a very demanding speciality in med school. He is busy at school and studying all the time and she takes care of the kids by herself. Another mom has a husband who is away every two weeks for his job. She handles her kids alone too. The point is, my situation isn't all that different from any other mom. All members of a family work hard in different ways, and each family has to find their own rhythm and balance.

Moms and dads out there are supporting each other and working together every day. Don and I are no different, and we support each other and the work we do.

Have a great weekend - I'll be over here painting Edmonton green with reminders to VOTE ON OCTOBER 21st!


Susie sykes said...

Such true comments Sarah!! Our family runs very much the same way, it's about supporting and balancing both parents goals and commitments. It was great to meet you and your family during the campaign and look forward to bringing our family out on election night to support you guys.

Jana said...

Juggling family obligations is always so difficult! I think you two are particularly lucky to have such wonderful parents in the city who help and support your family--that's so amazing that you have that kind of support. Hope you manage to weather this final weekend, and that things settle down when Don becomes mayor (I hope! He has my vote, anyway!!)

My husband and I have a 2-year old daughter, and we both have pretty intense careers. He's a lawyer, and I'm completing my PhD (which for me means I'm writing a dissertation, presenting at conferences, teaching, and involved as a research associate with a major research initiative here at the U of A). I feel really lucky that my husband works somewhere that he has a bit of flexibility when he's not in court, and for a family that steps up when I'm out of town and vice versa. It's hard being a parent these days, though, particularly when trying to balance our partner's careers with our own, and our kids' best interests! We all do what we can.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've never commented on your blog before, but more than 2 years ago (pregnant with my first) I was doing some online research on biking with kids and I came upon your blog. It was great to see a Canadian women blogging about cycling! I've commuted by bike since '96 and still with the same bike (with lots of replacement parts) but now rigged as the mom mobile with a front seat for the baby/toddler and a trailer in the back when it rains! It's true, so many parents pull off a balancing act whether they be a military family or a single parent family. Wish I lived in the same city with such an awesome candidate running - but I know my Edmonton friends are supporting your husband's run for mayor on the 21st! Best wishes! Signed, A small Ontario city fellow cyclist

Miss Sarah said...

Susie & Jana - Thanks for your responses! I've been working with busy families for many, many years. Nuclear families, divorced families, single parents... everybody works hard to be their best for their children and to provide for their families too.

Sure it's busy out there, but it's busy for everybody! I think we should all be empowering, supporting, and encouraging one another to do what feels right for that mom/family.

Jean said...

And you have been blogging amongst all that! It probably is your Muse outlet.

Well, let's put it this way: there were 5 young children (us) in 1 bedroom apartment in Southern Ontario. Before parent scrimped and bought an old house later. Then child 6. Wonder how my mother stayed sane.

My mother looked after her 6 children under the ages of 10 yrs. by herself while father worked 50 km. in a restaurant. We couldn't afford a car until I was 14 yrs. (I'm the eldest)

So really...there are other serious juggling and stresses of parenting elsewhere!

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