Flashback Friday!

October 25, 2013

A wonderful week!

Started with election Monday, and included hanging out with one of our street teams in Churchill Sq.

Obviously we loved taking photos with the Lunch Break public art. 

We all ate some Fat Franks too while we were at it. 

Much later on in the day we settled into our room at the Matrix Hotel. The team brought some wonderful things to make our stay extra wonderful. Love my campaign "kids". 
Then there are my most wonderful students too! I found this on my porch the morning after I got back from the hotel. A very welcome treat after the insanity of the previous day. 

And then, back to normal! Riding Dexter to school and all. 

Still taking the train downtown. 

We have a volunteer appreciation party tonight and Nocturne at the AGA tomorrow night, amidst various other "things". Will report back on Monday. Have a great weekend!


DAN said...

Cool nice bead work and sweet grass.

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