Last Friday Night...

October 2, 2013

I know I posted about the weekend already, but that was an annotated version of what's been going down in the land of Miss Sarah and the campaign. I took the big camera out with me last Friday and wanted to share some of my shots.

Like the one I took up there, of Cairo, our campaign dog!

And here are some of our volunteers, loading up the big signs.

Got running from HQ to Evolution Lounge for the LGBTTQ forum.

Found the light challenging, but nonetheless fun to shoot in.

After mixing and mingling for a while, it was time to get the show on the road. Opening statements and answering questions!

Once we wrapped that up, it was a brisk walk over to the Mercer Building for our next engagement.

Mingling again.

Speaking again (I sat down and got cozy).

Meeting and greeting again.

And then, later on, another reception. This time we were hosted by our neighbours in Belgravia!

Love these ladies. I also happen to teach the children of each one of these beauties! Love a neighbourhood where my neighbours are also clients, who are also friends, who are also supporters. Community is everything. 

Our lively host, Glenn, introduces Don.

And my friend and reception co-host, Carolynn, looking beautiful and radiating awesomeness.

What a wonderful way to wrap up an evening on the campaign trail. And, I only joined Don for the latter part of the day! He was up and at it early that morning.

Things are very condensed and intense over this election period, but it's a treat when work intersects with friends and subsequently, new friends, amidst all this discussion about where we want our city to go. Thank you, Glenn & Carolynn for hosting us and providing the opportunity to spread the word about our city's exciting future!


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