Weekender {GOTV Edition}

October 21, 2013

This week was all about our ground game and pounding some serious pavement with our GOTV effort. I don't have exact numbers of how many doors the campaign knocked and flyered, but it was truly epic! The half-green map in Crestwood you see up there is just what we finished in a few hours before lunch. 

Speaking of Crestwood and lunch, we had a really delicious respite from our morning efforts at Jeffrey's Café. What a yummy place!

Rewind to the night before and I was out on the trail with Don at the Edmonton Chinese Garden Society's annual fundraiser. Since Don already had a car downtown, I caught the minibus, then the train, and met him at HQ. Even though we're busy, there's no point driving two cars all over the place unless we have to.

The next morning I met my door knocking team in Crestwood! So proud of everybody. Six of us were on for the morning shift, but we had to do the afternoon shift with only three of us. It became incredibly windy too so it was a loooong afternoon. But we slayed and got it done.

Turned around later that day, put on a dress and off I went to another campaign event with Don. Since we didn't have an actual dinner, we stopped in for a late supper at the Belgravia Hub

Came home to find this wonderful care package from our friends who live up the street. WOW. So thoughtful!

People have been so supportive of us throughout this campaign. I have friends dropping off dinners, trail mix, their garden tomatoes, and baking. Tons of friends are volunteering and/or donating to the campaign. They're all wearing buttons and hosting lawn signs to spread the word. They send me a text message or write me a thoughtful email to let me know that they're thinking about me and just inquire as to whether I need anything. I have been so moved by the generosity and thoughtfulness of old friends and new. I've even had several ladies provide their daughters' babysitting services to help ease my work load on the domestic front. 

Whatever the form of assistance, this campaign (almost like having a new baby) has inspired people to be the best of friends and neighbours to us, and each other. The volunteers are so dedicated and stalwart. Come by the campaign office late at night and you'll still see the crew(s) hanging out, working, and having fun. Our HQ has so much soul! All powered by the wonderful people this campaign as attracted. 

No matter what the result tonight (by the way, GO AND VOTE), working with these volunteers has been inspiring and uplifting. I am so proud of them! 

Speaking of volunteers. Here is my Sunday GOTV team! 

They include lady friends; my siblings (even Simon, my older brother who you rarely see on the blog); Nessa (our youth volunteer extraordinaire); my neighbours and my student; and pregnant Salima with her toddler! 

We painted Parkallen green within a couple of hours.

Mid-afternoon the campaign was going to order some food, but somehow another group of amazing volunteers decided to cook up a BBQ in our warehouse. Several teams of door knockers came back for a late dinner (after having knocked on doors since that morning), and afterwards, some of them went back out for one final huzzah. Amazing!

The BBQ was delicious as well. Baked potatoes, sausages, kabobs, slaw. Absolutely fantastic!

This is only a small sampling of all the volunteers that made our GOTV weekend a success - Without them this campaign wouldn't exist.

I am happy to dedicate this weekender to our volunteers!

Keep your fingers crossed for us as we eagerly await the election results tonight :)


Juli said...

Good luck today! As a former campaign worker its been really interesting to read about this race on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy piano teacher; WOW!/!! Sable is really fine .!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the election win!

Stacie said...

Congratulations on your election win! I just saw it on Huffington Post, that is fantastic news!

Cee said...

CONGRATS!!! I randomly found your blog a few weeks ago and bookmarked it to look at. Imagine my surprise when I hear of this bike loving Mayor my northern neighbours have elected and a BikeCalgary friend links you! Very happy about your win, and very happy to read about the bicycle endeavours happening elsewhere in the province. Enjoy your new adventure!

Marita said...

Hi! I just wanted to say that as someone who has read your blog for years, I was SO SO THRILLED to see that Don won the election! It's kind of a bizarre feeling to feel like I kind-of know the mayor of Edmonton now because I've read this blog for so long, haha. I just moved to Calgary a few months ago to study to be a midwife, and I can't believe what amazing politics are happening in Alberta right now!

Congratulations to you all, and I can't wait to see what amazing things you guys do for Edmonton!

S.Chan said...

Yes, finally made it on the blog

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