Flashback Friday!

November 8, 2013

Another packed week comes and goes. The kids and I did our usual Wednesday Art Gallery thing, but this time Carrie Doll and her CTV crew came to film us doing our routine. We followed it up with hanging out at the office where she did a quick interview with me and Don

After having the babies, I sometimes lose all control of my emotions when I talk about how much I love them, etc, and in the interview I um... got a little sentimental. Good thing the crew expertly edited the footage so you don't see the part where I get up to find a tissue for dabbing my eyes, only to find nothing but Dexter's fire safety activity book - A poor substitute for a handkerchief. 

Carrie was really wonderful and totally into the children! Since she has two young kids of her own, her iPhone is stocked with fun apps for little ones. As you can see, she had them mesmerized. 

Other random shots from this week - An outfit featuring a vintage broach from Leanne. 

 Dexter added some miscellaneous rocks to our frozen pond.

The rodeo is in town and Don has been wearing his cowboy boots all week. Up until Tuesday I have never owned a pair, so I went out and found the only ones in my size (kids ones) on sale. Fun!

Cute overload the other day. I walked into the living room and stumbled upon Dexter staging a photo shoot with his toys. Adorable. He is in a big "imagination" phase these days and I love eavesdropping on his play time. The story lines are hilarious!

And after answering the media's questions about how I do it all, etc, I found myself standing around in the kitchen after work. The kids had already eaten with their babysitter, Alice was in bed, and Dexter was playing Angry Birds. I ate Happy Camel hummus on homemade bread from a student, with some almond coconut milk. Not fancy, but fast, tasty, and simple. That's what weekdays look like around here!

Looking forward to the weekend! Guru's Enchanted Fall on Friday night, Latitude 53's Schmoozy on Saturday, and Remembrance Day ceremonies on Monday. See you soon!


Unknown said...

Forget Mayor McHottie. There are loads of us women who have girl crushes on Miss Sarah. Your style is so fresh and wonderful. And I LOVE that your bike doesn't inhibit your style.

I was walking my dogs in a dog park here in Victoria, BC a couple of days ago and met a charming couple with Eastern European accents. In the midst of our chat, it came out that I am originally from Edmonton and they told me about how they lived in Camrose for 7 years and didn't understand the people "politically, emotionally and spiritually." They were obviously staunch environmentalists. I proudly told them about the new Edmonton mayor and his wife and how they are supporters of biking and public transportation. I loved being able to toot our city's horn because of Mayor Iveson.

My family and I will be moving back to Edmonton from Victoria because I need a heart/lung transplant and I must say I am so thrilled about returning to the energy that Edmonton has. My husband, a born and bred West Coaster who rides his bike to work everyday, is a little leery of living in Edmonton but after showing him the news stories about Mayor Iveson and Miss Sarah's blog about biking, he is starting to think there is more to Edmonton that big trucks and box stores. And that he can keep biking! He'll soon see how amazing Edmontonians are and how beautiful the city is (even with the snow!). Good luck to the Iveson/Chan family in this busy transition.

Miss Sarah said...

Thank you, and Edmonton will welcome you back with open arms! Tell your husband to get studded tires, and I'll see him out there:)

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