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November 5, 2013

Paula Simons wrote a little profile on me! After running into her every 3 years at nomination day, and at various goings-on around town, it was wonderful to have an actual conversation with the woman. 

It was so refreshing not to be asked about feeling like a lonely wife. Instead, she was very respectful in accepting that Don is a mayor; I am a working mom with my own business; and I've got two young kids. At no point did I have to defend the decisions we have made as a family. Delightful!

Contrary to what I may appear to be like on the blog, I am first and foremost pragmatic and reasonable. As Don's partner and  his strongest supporter in life, I was realistic about my work intensive role on the home front both during the campaign and after. All families make sacrifices. Mine just happen to be novel and newsworthy at the moment. 

This is all to say that it was lovely to just have a plain old conversation about stuff without the knee-jerk reactions I often get when I shrug off being married to the mayor or about parenting alone much of the time. After seeing my own parents work so hard to give me many advantages in life, the work I am doing as a mother to Dexter and Alice, and as a partner to Don, feels completely normal.  

On an unrelated note, how great are these photos by Greg Southam from the Edmonton Journal? He was so great and wanted to shoot me with my piano (that's a Raymond Biesenger piece from the Shatner Show up there, and the bronze pegasus is an antique store irony-birthday gift from Don when we were camping near Lamont one summer). When I suggested doing some shots on the bike, Greg was totally on board, even in the flying wet snow and everything! 

Suffice to say, it was a lot of fun. Thanks, Edmonton Journal! 


Issa Irasga said...

Edmonton journal brought me here... keep on inspiring people mrs. Iveson :)

Issa Irasga said...

Edmonton journal brought me here... keep on inspiring people mrs. Iveson :)

Issa Irasga said...

Edmonton journal brought me here... keep on inspiring people mrs. Iveson :)

Sheri Connolly said...

What a rocking article. I have always admired Paula Simmons writing and the interview showcased you and your family very well!

Miss Sarah said...

It was so much fun!

Brenda said...

I have read your blog for quite awhile, and feeling inspired by you and some of the other blogs I read that are written by women who ride bikes, I bought a vintage Schwinn at Goodwill and started pedaling around my neighborhood. (It was built in Chicago in May, 1976 and is a woman's 10-speed. It was in really good shape when I bought it, and my dad went over it for me, and I feel all hippy and very green when I ride it.) I have wondered though, don't you ever fall on your bike? I wiped out in the parking lot the first time I rode it to work, and I was pretty embarrassed. Plus I still have a small scar on my right knee. (Ouch!)

Miss Sarah said...

Brenda - Your bike sounds beautiful, I am so glad you found each other!

And yes, I have fallen twice. Once when I was 10, taking a fast turn in spring gravel. A piece of fluff got stuck in my eye, I wobbled, and slid out.

And then there was THIS:

But, sometimes we fall in life. Then we have to get back up and keeping moving forward with new lessons under our belts:) Lessons like, feather your brakes!

Cari said...

Hi Sarah! Congratulations to you for adjusting so well to your new, more public role in the community.

I read the article mentioned in this blog post and just wanted to tell you that I think your blog is great just how it is! It is very inspiring and encouraging. And more than that, it's fun to follow.

If some people find your happy, low-drama life "infuriating," well, maybe that says something about them more than it does about you.

Anyway, just wanted to send some encouragement and appreciation your way. :) Happy biking!

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