Flashback Friday!

November 1, 2013

Still riding! I'm relishing each day I can get away with the Mixte and Dexter. It's chilly out there, but really beautiful and sunny. 

Earlier in the week I snapped this photo of Don on the bus. He had vacated his seat so that a lady could sit down. What a gent!

On swearing in day, my sister took this picture of baby Alice exploring her dad's new office. 

While Dexter was more concerned about doing his sticker activity book. 

I took the kids to the Art Gallery for a fun mask making morning. 

And on Halloween I taught my afternoon students, only to be delighted with Wyatt who came with a shiny manicure, leftover from his Lady Gaga costume earlier that day. Michiko came in  with the most amazing orca costume, and Elise brought me ghost cookies. 

Since winning, many people have been inquiring as to whether I would keep teaching now that Don is mayor. 

The answer is yes! I love my work, my students, and my families. I had an ORCA in my studio the other day. And people bring me baking. I am seriously spoiled. Who would stop doing this?
Things are busy though. I was fretting about carving the pumpkin because I totally forgot about it and figured I wouldn't have time. Late on Wednesday night Don came home from work and said we could just drill holes into it. Great idea. So fast! 

And that wraps up the first week of non-election madness. It was strange to see so many of our volunteers at the swearing-in, with fresh hair cuts and at least a few good nights of sleep! Everybody was looking dapper and clean, and I miss them already.


CherylWH said...

Sarah, I wonder if you could give me some advice. I'm planning on riding to work through the winter and need tips on tires and anything else you might be able to offer.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy piano teacher; "Seems like" u would B like a "super woman"(u know superman's cousin), in order 2 perform all 3 duties! u know...piano teacher , mom, and mayor's wife. ANYWAY................................................................................. thanx 4 keeping your blog current. I think at least 50% of your photo s r fantastic.

Miss Sarah said...

Cheryl - My biggest piece of advice is STUDDED TIRES! Changed my life:) I would go to your local bike store to figure out which ones would be best suited to your bike. Worth every penny!

CherylWH said...

Thanks Sarah, I'm on it!

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