Flashback Friday!

December 13, 2013

We've been hibernating with all the winter weather, at home and on location. As you can see, baby Alice was hard at work after the Art Gallery, in Don's office. I think my favourite is the motion blur of her furious typing. Also, her cheeky expressions.

My firewood delivery arrived this week! We have some big stumps in the yard that haven't been split yet, but it is my dream to pile these babies up in my bungalow's planter. I'm going full-on lodge here! Have got some birch coming from a friend too - My solstice bon fire is going to be AMAZING.

 While looking out the window with my coffee this morning, I was wondering when my neighbours got their big new dog. Then I noticed its head and realized… it was a donkey! They took it out for a trial run in preparation for this weekend's St. George's pageant.

Since my snow shoveler was not going to be available until after school, the kids and I still had to get out there and clear the paths before they got too trampled.

As you can imagine. It was pretty tiring! I love Alice's frozen hair fringe.

Due to the new batch of snow, I avoided the bike again! Oh well, there are plenty more winter days ahead, hopefully with packed snow. Though, I do love the drifting snow - It's so pretty! Just don't enjoy the reckless drivers. 

I'm excited to attend Unit B's Christmas party tonight, and also have a long overdue dinner with an old best friend. On Saturday, I'm shooting a segment with Shaw TV in the afternoon and then attending some mayorly functions in the evening. And on Sunday, Dex and I are going to watch Don in the Nutcracker - Don will be featured in the party scene in Act I!

Stay cozy, and see you next week:)


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