Flashback Friday!

December 20, 2013

This week has looked a lot like this: Kids trying to reinforce their boundaries while eating breakfast. All this talk about who was playing with toys first, and who gets to sit where. Past a certain point, I DON'T CARE. Just stop making noise! 

People are also saying that baby Alice looks a lot like me. I don't see it. Do you guys see it?

I also took the kids to the Art Gallery this week. Dexter is creating some pretty dark work these days.

And the holiday treats are starting to arrive. Very dangerous to eat tons of cookies and chocolates every day! 

These chocolates were made by my nanny's mom. Isn't that the sweetest? The kids also got teeny tiny boxes full of tiny Christmas cookies. 

I also got some excellent gifts from a few teenage students. One student and I had a discussion about evolution once, and he found me this eraser from Japan. Another student noticed that I am wearing nail polish a lot these days and bought me a pearly white shade to wear for the holidays.

I know they are just "gifts". But, I found these really thoughtful!

In other heartwarming news, a new apple ad is out and it was shot in Edmonton! If you want to know what my city looks like, particularly in the winter, THIS IS IT.

As I am writing this post late at night, I am waiting for some best friends, Dan & Leanne to arrive from NYC. It's going to be a hectic few days of food, drink, and parties! Hopefully with a few breaks to watch movies in pyjamas too. 

Solstice is on Saturday night! I am keeping my fingers crossed for non-bone chilling cold (just regular cold is fine by me). Though, everybody was complaining about how cold it was today and I didn't even notice. Rolled three wheel barrows full of firewood up to the house this afternoon!


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