Winter City, Here We Go!

December 4, 2013

It's cold, windy, and snowy here in Edmonton - Time to get serious! Alice's snowsuit barely fits her, so we put her in Dexter's snow pants and moved him up to a newer pair (purchased last year on sale at the end of the season). 

My edit mittens had a hole in the thumb. I gave it a Frankenstein-like blanket stitch to seal it back up. Ghetto, yes. Effective? Also, yes. I wear a pair of glove liners underneath so I just needed the hole patched. While I was at it, I also sewed up the pocket that is ripping off one of my parkas. Happy to report that my winter wear is back in action!

When it's cold out I also wear two pairs of socks. A bottom layer. 

Then a wooly pair, which doesn't make me itchy because I wear the aforementioned bottom pair!

And these are my favourite winter boots - Mukluks by Laurentian. I have dressier ones, and more "outdoorsy" water-resistant ones for tobogganing, but for walking long distances and being super light and comfy? These are the best. I did a preliminary shovel, was out and about running errands all day, and then came home to shovel again. Toasty warm the whole time. 

I was born and raised in Edmonton, and have been doing this winter thing all my life. I love my city, and am not planning on going anywhere (except the odd warm vacation, which I fully condone). Dealing with the weather is a lot about preparation and choices.

If the roads are horrifying, I won't go out unless I absolutely have to. Before when I used to drive a little sedan, I got stuck a couple of times. Oh well. You learn to get pushed!

Just the other day my car's battery died. UGH. Well, a nice lady at the Save-On-Foods gave me a jump (I have cables in the car). Since the main arteries are cleared first, the busses are usually fine on their routes. So I'll take the minibus in my 'hood or walk up to the train.

Dexter continues to go to school. He wears a puffy vest underneath his parka, along with his snow pants and boots and all other accoutrements. Emily (our babysitter) goes to pick him up from school via transit, and she takes baby Alice too! It might take a little longer than usual, but it works.

Relax! It's early December and there are many more cold months ahead. I'm not saying I wouldn't rather be riding the Pashley in a sundress and sandals, but it's wintertime and that's just the way it is.

So put on your layers, and let's get on with it! Balking this early in the game? Ha! Amateur night.

I'll see you out there!


supersu said...

good patch job @misssarahchan!
have you heard of @yegrepairathon's?
volunteers do simple repairs for free!
follow on twitter of FB for the next event! maybe you could be a volunteer sewer?
enjoy the winter weather :)

Anonymous said...

love those boots, but doesn't the snow/wet ruin the suede/fur ?

Miss Sarah said...

supersu - Thanks for the tip!

Anon - The rubber stuff on the bottom does a pretty great job of keeping the boots clean (for now, I'm only in year 2 of mukluk ownership)

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy piano teacher, your car battery died !!! ??? was there a big turnout at the funneral ?

Miss Sarah said...

Anon - You know you're a bit of a weirdo, right?

No funeral and no drama. Don just bought a new battery and then installed it himself!

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