Flashback Friday!

January 17, 2014

It's been a pretty fun week! Starting off with the Justin Timberlake concert on Monday night. I know people are saying the same everywhere, but it was one hell of a show. I'm trying to put my finger on it, but what I think I enjoyed most was how hard everybody worked on the production. From the tech dudes who are setting up the whole apparatus to the huge band - Everything was very impressive. Plus, JT worked it the whole time and his way with the audience was so natural.

I sometimes find at concerts that some artists keep ordering you to have a good time, or they self-consciously refer to how you're not effusive enough in your applause or lack of dancing? It just becomes awkward. You had fun at the JT concert because you could tell that HE was having fun at the concert. Well done!

It was a long show too. So after coming home and falling into bed. I rolled out early the next day to tend to the children and later attend a working lunch with Don.

EEDC has commissioned a little book about Edmonton! I had heard some rumblings that this was the case, but the finished product really exceeded any expectations I might have had. It's beautiful and tells a wonderful story of our city and its beautiful people. 

Later in the week, the kids were at the office. 

I get mixed reactions about this particular hairdo for Alice. Some people think it's so adorable (we refer to it as the sprout). Other people have tried to tell me it's butt ugly, in a polite Canadian way, of course. 

Her hair is this way because of where I'm standing when she is getting ready in the morning and because it's fast and she can't pull it out within two minutes. It's that Miss Sarah pragmatism at work!

I haven't hung out with my mom in a long time, so we made a date together. She came to pick up me and the kids, and I was horrified to discover that THIS is her solution to a travel mug. It's a dusty rose tupperware tumbler from the 80s, smeared with her red lipstick at 10:30 am, and nestled into the cup holder with an old kitchen rag.

I think I'm finally beating this illness. My energy is stabilizing and I even managed to dish out an issue of our community newsletter this week. When I was trying to decipher the slightly illegible cursive writing from a very elderly neighbour of mine, and making all the non-sentence into actual sentences (it was a book review for 40 Below) - I decided that I am a good person! 

Looking forward to a few delicious meals I have forecasted in my future. I get to enjoy Woodwork again, and have also made a reservation for Glass Monkey, which is biking distance from the bungalow. Have a great weekend and I'll see you on the other side!


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