Flashback Friday!

January 24, 2014

Warm weather this week! Bumpy residential roads:) With the freeze-thaw, the residential roads end up with huge craters, which means it's actually easier to just ride in the lane of the main road. Cleared down to the pavement! 

Though, my baked bread and mini jar of jam still made it to lunch intact, despite the road craters. Plus, on the mountain bike, it's all rather exciting. Though, I wouldn't take the kids or pull a trailer in these conditions. 

I can't believe the week has sped by already! I attended a dinner on Tuesday night to celebrate the retiring councillors and previous mayor. It was great to see how excellent everybody is looking! Sleep and lack of stress really do wonders. Everybody retiring looks a decade younger than they did before the election - Kudos to their service.

I have also been working on some other projects, like helping a volunteer of the campaign with her new  home-based art studio. I am a piano teacher… she is an art teacher! It's really tough as a new mom who is self-employed. There is no mat leave, no benefits… nothing that conventional employers can offer you.

However, being self-employed also means setting your own hours and being able to create a business that you love. Essentially it's like having a different kind of baby. Francine showed me around her studio, we talked a little shop, and I took some photographs of her studio space. I can't wait for her to complete her business model and get her website all set up. She will be offering art classes for kids and adults, individually and also in small group settings!

I dream of a time when I can attend an art class with a good friend, and a bottle of wine. Doesn't that sound like a beautiful Tuesday night?

In the meantime, my Tuesday nights (and every weeknight, excluding Friday) is spent in my own studio with my own students. This week some lucky kid got to learn all about cadences.

Oh, and on top of it all, baby Alice had a massive fever last night and I was up with her for the larger part of the twilight hours. Finally, my efforts were rewarded and she was comfortable enough to get a few hours of sleep before a new day.

While out at lunch on Monday, we ran into a lady who was commenting on somebody at her work needing to go back to work 6 months after having their baby. She was sympathetic and seemed to have some pity for this new mom, what with the disruption and lack of sleep that comes with a 0-2 year old. And although it's great to have sympathetic ears, I still believe that new moms are perfectly capable of doing whatever it is that they set their minds to. 

I told this woman that having less sleep has just mutated me into a Cylon - I don't really need to sleep 8 hours to function, and although you might have more on your plate, you just learn to carry on. 

So if you see me out running errands today, you'll know why I am wearing sunglasses even when I am inside!


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