Happy New Year from the Beach!

January 2, 2014

Happy New Year to you all!

I've been on vacation with the family, with some much needed time unplugged and lots of lazy days at the beach.

 Though I'll tell you one thing, flying around and caring for your kids on location is still a lot of work!

 Good thing it was 2 on 2. With Don's help, everything went quite smoothly. The kids both loved having ice cream daily. Alice is a big fan of the ocean and waves, while Dexter preferred the pool and made friends with coconut shells (seriously). He calls them "baby boats" because they float.

Luckily all the activity meant that Alice was still able to nap on the go.

She is so sweet when she is not hangry (hungry + angry)!

We took a little trip to see a Mayan ruin.

Dexter spent lots of his time playing with the activity books he received for Xmas, his favourite of which is the Angry Birds Star Wars sticker book.

Alice had no problem making friends at every turn. She would just go up to people and start hanging out. She particularly loves small babies (who are powerless to stop her from eating their snacks and playing with their floaty toys). She would also find lovely girls on the beach and amble up, sit down, and start participating in whatever they were doing. In this case, she eventually annexed a Spanish girl's phone and listened to Beatles for almost an hour.

Our NYE was spent with lanterns outdoors.

A wonderful time with my little family!

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays, and that they were a great mix of fun and relaxation. I've had some great times with the family, lots of visiting with friends, and even had the chance to finally watch Teen Wolf with my peeps. This is all ideal in my books. 

The break isn't over yet - A weekend of fun still awaits before we're back to business. 

See you all soon!


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