Flashback Friday

February 21, 2014

Love the mild weather. Rode in my Docs and Olympic toggle coat! 

Took the kids to the AGA tots program, and saw the Lyndal Osborne on the 3rd floor - AWESOME! Textures and colours galore. The only tough thing was keeping baby Alice away from everything, but we had a really good time. 

Stopped by the office and saw that my world is surrounded by Cory Christopher wherever I go! 

Lot's of things happening this week. TONS of emails flying back and forth, hustling on Edmonton's Every Woman Festival! Amidst it all are my sweet babies, and my students. No matter what degree of stuff is flying around, I'm always back in front of the keyboard. 

It's funny now that I think of it. Before Don being mayor, before any elections, before kids, before marriage, before even meeting Don, and before University.

It's always been me in front of the keyboard.

That's just how I roll…

In any case, what do you have scheduled for this weekend? I've finally got some "normal" time on the books and am going to enjoy some family and friend time!

Have you heard about the neon sign museum? My camera and I are going to go and take some photos tonight - But if I understand correctly, you'll be able to enjoy these from tonight onwards.

See you on the other side!


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