February 10, 2014

The weekend began after dropping off the kids, coming home to change, then switching over to the bike. We've been having a cold snap lately and it's COLD. A quick zip down to the train station is still doable, but when I'm in a skirt these days I put some knee socks over the tights. 

Cuts down a bit on the wind chill!

Earlier in the day I went to go pick up a dress. I have a collection of dresses, to be sure, but the number of specifically black tie events I am going to has increased. This means my general aversion of floor-lenth gowns needs to be addressed and I got to shopping. UGH. 

I'm one of those casual shoppers. Not that I have much time for it these days. When I see something I like (and if I'll actually wear it), I'll get it. Going shopping for a specific thing? Excruciating. 

So back to the bike. Caught my train downtown and zipped over to Woodwork for an Old Fashioned and some ribs. My bikey friend, Oliver, stopped by so we could talk about inner tubes and pumping tires.

Then, it was off to the Hops & Whiskey event for Kids Up Front. As you can tell, I took it all very seriously.

The next day I taught my students and brought Duchess treats to my Every Woman Festival meeting. 

Duchess and Glow have come on as sponsors this past week, and we're so pleased to have them on board! You're going to be hearing a lot about this event for the next 3ish weeks, so bear with me! Better yet, buy a ticket and come see for yourself

Later that evening, I went to a birthday party, followed by dinner with my siblings (my older bro's birthday), followed by some good times at the Common.

Normally I would say I'm way too old to get up early to go to Target at 8 am to buy Peter Pilotto. Though, I was admittedly intrigued by this romper and this dress. And yes, I realize how ironic these fixations are, given my recent griping about shopping for specific items. 

I went, I saw, and I purchased! Then it was off to a birthday brunch (so many birthdays these days), picking up the kids, and retrieving my bike. 

As usual, the cold parts were my knees (didn't have my leg warmers) and my teeth! Would have wanted more for a longer ride, but all was well for for a quick jaunt.

I get the same sensation every time I ride. Sometimes I feel like it might be too cold or it will take too long.

Once I'm coasting? All smiles.


babble on said...

Cute boots! Both pairs... :)

Stephanie Laskoski said...

How did we not get a photo of the two of us together? Sheesh…goal for next outing!

Anonymous said...

May I ask where you shop to purchase gowns for black tie events? I love to shop locally and I'm kind of stumped for finding stylish formal wear in Edmonton. Thank you!

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