March 2, 2014

This weekend was C-O-L-D. We're talking around -30 degrees Celsius! I think the Fahrenheit meter just breaks down and doesn't even register anything that cold:)

In the intense cold, I resorted to wearing my mom's fur coat from the 80s. Desperate times call for intense outerwear. It's the warmest thing I own. Mukluks? Check. Double socks (with the outer layer being angora-wool socks)? CHECK. 

Despite the cold, my wonderful friend and I had a great touch-down lunch at MRKT and then we went to Workhall Boutique for the first time. Amazing service. Beautiful space. Local designers. I am in love. 

I was intensely impressed by Nicole Campre, who was there live in person to talk us through the space and her dresses. I ended up buying two! It was also wonderful to meet her because she is one of the designer's showing at our fashion show on March 12th. The two pieces I bought will definitely need to wait for at least -10C degrees before I can show them, which is just another way of saying I can't wait until bare-leg season. 

Later on in the evening, I found myself with a night off of the mayoral events trail. It was the perfect opportunity to try out North 53 of the first time with an old friend. Delicious. 

We had beets, amongst other things. 

And again, after teaching, particularly since we're in the final 12 days before the big event, our weekly committee meeting. Cory Christopher (our florist and event designer) is creating beautiful arrangements for some of our sponsors - First up, The Petroleum Club! They also hosted our meet this past week, and our volunteer orientation!

Then duty called once again. Don and I attended the BOMA awards. They have a photo booth service, which is typical at a lot of events. As you can imagine, Don and I do a lot of these. In fact, we collect the photos on our fridge!

As you can see, we tried something different this time.

The weekend also featured a wonderfully casual brunch (let's all say yes to jeans and a t-shirt), lots of quality time with the kids on my "family" Sunday, and risotto! 

I do feel like I'm doing things every moment of the day… but I feel surprisingly good about it all. Another weekend gone and another week to go? Let's do this!


m e l i g r o s a said...

LOVE that last picture. <3 to easy loving+PJs weeknds! =D xxom

chocolates&flowers said...

Hi Sarah! Looks like an interesting event, have invited a few friends to come =)

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