March 31, 2014

Had a travel day, but eventually found myself in a cab on the way into Manhattan. 

After dropping off my stuff, we reconstituted ourselves (Dan, Leanne, and I) with Samurai Buns and spicy ramen. Perfect accompaniment to getting caught up with all the news with your besties. 

Now, on my flight to Ottawa, I ran into my friend, Michael. He informed me, to my surprise and delight, that Nick and Jaiman (friends from the campaign) were also in NY this weekend!

First order of business after landing and switching over to my American flight, was getting connected with these fine gentlemen. Invited them out to brunch for the very next day. 

Serendipity struck again when we discovered we were all going to see No Man's Land at 2 pm that afternoon. YES! So I got to share my intense excitement for seeing Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen with just-as-eager nerds. 

The weather has been awfully rainy. Umbrellas all day long and cars splashing up a storm. I've been in Docs, which have been surprisingly resilient to the elements, but everybody's shoes have just been super soggy. 

Before the show, we bullied the guys into walking down to check out some of the High Line. This meant we were many blocks away from the theatre and had to hoof it up in record speed. Afterwards, we were famished from our efforts and took refreshment at the Sullivan Street Bakery

Soon afterward it was eating empanadas on the street in the rain. No time to wait and sit down since we were Brooklyn bound with Claire. 

The day turned into night while we were at a pub. 

Hunger later took us to the Post Office for so many Old Fashioned(s) and grilled cheese with bacon. 

Later again… to Barcade. I made pretty decent progress on Mrs. Pacman, but never expected the thing I would enjoy the most was… 4-player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. COWABUNGA!

We eventually ended up at The Woods and danced for hours until the sun basically came up. As I write this post right now, I lament my old age and sore calves. Though, I am happy we were able to produce an epic evening for our first time NY visitors. It's worth every ache and pain.

After sleeping in Sunday morning, Leanne and I went over to feed my addiction for Uniqlo. I love it here. Clothes that fit me well in lots of colours. SOLD.

 Got some manis & pedis in the 'hood, went to go check out The Grand Budapest Hotel, and ended the evening with lots of savoury goodness at Red Farm.

 That's what our NYC weekend looked like!

Meanwhile, back home, Don has been working and participating in the Truth and Reconciliation events. Dexter and Alice are having a wonderful time at my parents' house, helping set up the new fish tank, going to A&W for lunch, and my sister was kind enough to take Dexter to a school friend's birthday party too.

I am lucky lucky to have wonderful family at home, and also good friends abroad. Grateful every day!


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