Madama Butterfly

April 9, 2014

It was the first bare-legged ride of the season… and it was absolutely glorious! 

My darling Amor and I rode to see Edmonton Opera's Madama Butterfly. Being her first ride in a dress, I let her have the Pashley. 

Amor was a bit nervous about riding, but when the theatre is only 12 blocks away you don't walk, wait for the train, or deal with traffic. You RIDE!

As for the production, it was wonderful. I've seen Madama Butterfly at least twice before last night (so many years of opera I've lost count), and once was even in London. Anne Sophie Duprels basically sung the whole show and was remarkable. The best Butterfly I've yet to hear and see, hands down. 

My sister, Sable, also happened to be in the chorus! I was so proud and happy to see her in her geisha get up during intermission. 

If you're in Edmonton and free tonight, grab yourself a last minute ticket! It will be worth it, for some of the most beautiful opera out there. 

I'm sure you'll have even more fun if you get to cruise past all the parkade congestion too. 

Tee hee!


Sox said...

Wow! Your weather must so much warmer than here. I'm so glad to hear that!
Would you tell me which bikes you and Amor are riding? Your handlebar configuration looks very ergonomic, something I'm having a hard time sourcing.
I'm glad you convinced her to ride and she enjoyed herself!

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