My Gang(s) of New York

April 15, 2014

With all my photo editing, I thought I'd share some non-phone photo snips of the big apple and Brooklyn with you. Really, it was just me going to visit Dan & Leanne, but, we were lucky to run into lots of friends and have them around for major league fun times. 

Jaimen and Nick!

And Claire & Lisa

The subway takes us to our adventure destinations!

Played lots of arcade games and used up all my friends' quarters.

Eating brunch

Hanging out at museums (in this case it was Leanne on the 4th floor of the New Museum). Later that day we also went to go see the Earth Room.

 Considered making custom muppets for Dexter and Alice.

It was too rainy and then windy for us to go sailing, which was our plan. But we made due one afternoon by taking rowboats out in Central Park.

Don was the most coordinated and powerful at rowing (he sails).

Leanne and I… didn't do quite as well.

There was lots of relaxing, too much food and wine, but much quality time all around.


Michael Staub said...

I notice in your trip to NYC that you found the pancakes at Clinton Street Bakery! Well done. They are always worth the wait. But the item that keeps my family & I returning to CSB is the Sugar Cured Bacon. Yum!

Leanne Brown said...

OMG that pic of you and I rowing with skeptical Dan in the front is priceless!

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