Happy Birthday, Alice!

May 14, 2014

 It's Alice's 2nd birthday! Even though she essentially acts like a teenager already, she's still my baby.

Can't believe how quickly time flies! Remember when she first arrived? Pretty big. Three weeks early.

As the sumer progressed, so did her epic crevices.

She has always been a snuggler. We took her camping!

She was rolling, sitting, and growing teeth in record time. 

Then it was her first birthday. 

We had a pretty splashy 2nd summer. 

She was really cute on the campaign trail. 

Eventually, she graduated to wearing her hair in pigtails. 

And now she is a bonafide little toddler who wants to do everything herself and won't settle for anything less that having things her way

She is a determined, focused, stubborn, and sweet little baby. Bombastic and full of charm, I'm pretty sure I have many years of helping her temper her BIG personality. She keeps me on my feet, and I've never been so addicted to kissing a child before. 

Happy Birthday, Alice!


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