May 5, 2014

It was a busy one. Double events each night and even on Sunday, which we generally reserve for our family time. It was volunteer runway work for McDougall House, which we've done for years. I was happy to see my girl Amy, and Sarah in the photo with me up above! Super fun to wear great clothes from Gravity Pope, Who Cares? Wear and Floc Boutique

Speaking of great clothes, love my new dress from Workhall Boutique! Simple, pretty, and oh-so-comfortable. I managed to spill a drink on it at Art on the Block and am happy to report that the stain has come out with one easy cycle in the wash! 

Lots of amazing pieces at Art on the Block that were bid-worthy! Jason Carter had one of his bunny sculptures there, and Megan Stein had a wonderful piece too. Both artists that we have represented here at the bungalow too.

I also loved these flowers from Artworks (I think).

 Missed the super perogies at St.Basil's this year, but still got a chance to say hello to some sweet retirees and then off to the consular ball. It's quite the affair! Sometimes "black tie" in Edmonton doesn't actually mean black tie. This evening was seriously black tie. I'm glad I had a wardrobe malfunction at home and ended up changing into something long.

Rolled out of bed and off we went to do our duty at the Spirit of Spring

Reunited with the kids and my niece and nephew, and my parents, siblings, and grandpa. Big family dinner! Alice was all over the place and being a monkey. When they were literally climbing up the walls we knew it was time to get out of there.

Oh, I didn't mention that it got cold up here in Edmonton. Not nearly as much snow as Calgary, but the low temperatures and sleet were less than inspiring. On my way over to my neighbour's place I had to wear… MITTENS. 

 Another weekend come and gone. Feel like I was barely at home aside from sleeping and teaching!

Now. Laundry. So much laundry.


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